Alternator Repair/Replacement

Though most people have heard of their car’s alternator, most people have no idea what it does - and that’s okay, because that’s what our mobile mechanics in Red Deer are here for! Alternators are one of the primary power providers for the gadgets within the car, so when there’s a problem its best to let our team of experts examine it. By engaging in regular maintenance, you can help prevent potential issues, and the need for premature repairs and replacements. However, when your vehicle does call for alternator repair in Red Deer, let our experts be the ones to handle the job.


Alternators are one of the most important pieces of a car’s electrical system. Not only does it generate electrical power for the vehicle while the engine is running, but it also charges the battery that allows a car to start up normally. Without a properly functioning alternator, a vehicle is basically cut off from receiving the electric power that enables technology to run. It also causes the car’s battery to go uncharged, making it impossible to start up. If the charge isn’t transferring correctly, a partially charged battery may manifest in the form of dimmed lights, a broken horn or weakened radio volume.

Signs of a Problem

There are many signs that vehicle owners can learn to recognize as an indication of a potential alternator problem. On alerting equipment, signs include warning lights on the dashboard as well as low voltage readings on gauges. In other cases, car owners may notice that the battery isn’t holding a charge, or lights and other electronics are weakened from a lack of power. When our experts service a car for alternator issues, we take the symptoms into consideration and find the course of action that works best for the piece of equipment. This can include alternator repair, or the installation of a replacement.


Making sure an alternator gets the care and maintenance it needs will increase the longevity of this vital piece of equipment. Having a general understanding of its function allows vehicle owners to understand how the systems of a car affect electrical usage. In cases of impaired function, damage can be caused by an improperly performed jump start for the vehicle. In other cases it may be caused by the installation of a new accessory that overloads the system. A good way to make sure equipment is meshing well with the car’s electrical system is to have periodic voltage measurements taken by professionals that know how to integrate the systems.

Repairs and Replacements

Alternators are built to have a durable lifespan, but occasionally they do require repairs or replacement due to over usage, or simple aging. When a car isn’t starting, the lights are dim or there are grinding and whining noises - with our experts taking care of the issue, we are able to recommend the best plan of action whether it be repairing components of the alternator, or replacing the unit as a whole. A frequently dying battery, or in extreme cases, the smell of burnt rubber can also be signs that it’s time to replace this keystone of the car’s electrical system.

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