Battery and Starter Replacement

There’s nothing worse than getting into your car in the winter and finding out it won’t start. Most people don’t know what their starter is, but when it’s not working, clients know to call us to get the job taken care of quickly. Without professional diagnosis, it can be hard to differentiate whether the issue is stemming from the starter or the battery, which is why it’s best to consult with experts to better target the problem. We diagnose and replace batteries on the spot, saving our clients time and money in needing to take time off from work, or renting a car.


The starter of a car is a simple yet complicated motor that gets the car running when the key is turned in the ignition. The starter motor is powered by the battery and when triggered it ultimately gets the engine up and running. In the worst-case scenario, the key is turned followed by sounds that are not the engine starting. In this case, the starter may have an issue that needs to be diagnosed by a professional. Our team specializes in starter replacement and with our mobile services, clients are able to wait in the comfort of their home or office while we assess the problem or replace the hardware.

Starter Problems

While almost everyone is able to recognize when their starter isn’t working, getting a proper diagnosis of the root of the issue is best left to professionals. Starters work in connection with both the battery and alternator, meaning pinpointing the exact issue requires expertise. When triggered, if a starter has no activity, or a noise without the engine firing up, it’s best to leave it be rather than forcing the process. Repeatedly trying to force it may result in further electrical issues and even smoke - which is why when a starter is faulty, it’s best to involve a professional opinion before it evolves into a bigger problem.


Accidentally leaving headlights on overnight is a car owner's rite of passage when it comes to dead batteries, but there are other factors that contribute to a failing battery. A car battery supplies electric current for the vehicle as a whole, as well as feeding the starter until the alternator takes over when the engine starts. That is to say, the battery is a hugely important piece of a car’s technology. When a battery fails, a car is unable to start and many of its basic functions are no longer working properly. That’s why clients call us for our fast and dependable mobile battery replacement in Red Deer.

Battery Problems

Starting a car with a faulty battery can have a slow cranking turn over, or cause the lights, stereo, or horn to be working ineffectively or not at all. While this may come as a result of draining a battery overnight, it can also be caused by a car being improperly jump started. Battery problems can cause major issues in the drivability of a car, which is why it’s important to let experts assess the issue. When you need a car battery replacement in Red Deer, using our mobile mechanic service makes the repair process simpler and more convenient than using a traditional mechanic shop.

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