Diagnostics: Mechanical, Electrical, and Drive-ability

When it comes to diagnosing vehicle problems, our experts recommend getting any alarms or suspected issues checked out as soon as possible to reduce the risk of problems potentially intensifying. As a mobile mechanic in Red Deer, we come to you to identify problems, making diagnosis a more convenient process for our clients. Our auto and diesel mechanics address both electrical and mechanical issues, using state of the art technology during the evaluation. We run our diagnostics giving clients a full report of the status of their car’s system. Our diagnostics serve to keep your car safe as well as increase its drivability.

Mobile Diagnostics

Using our team of mobile mechanics in Red Deer is a great way to save time when it comes to diagnosing an automotive problem. We’ve all experienced a perpetually lit “check engine” light, but simply don’t have the time to take an afternoon away from responsibilities to go down to the mechanic shop. With our mobile diagnostics, we work with your schedule to evaluate a car with the least inconvenience for your daily routine. We bring our state of the art scanning tools and diagnostic computers to give a full evaluation of the vehicle, including checking for both mechanical and electrical issues.

Mechanical Issues

Though many people use diagnostics in response to an issue, taking a proactive approach can greatly increase the lifespan of a car. During mechanical diagnostics, we complete a detailed inspection of the car looking for everything from transmission and gas valve issues, to replacing spark plugs. Using the latest diagnostic technology, we are able to see what issues are plaguing the car, and we combine that data with our knowledge to target the issue. Once a full evaluation is completed we’re able to provide a comprehensive list of services that benefit the car, as well as provide the services the car needs, such as break repair or battery replacement.

Electrical Issues

As vehicles become more and more advanced with technology, staying up to date on electrical maintenance is turning into an even more vital part of keeping a car running smoothly. With our electrical diagnostic services, we confirm all systems are running smoothly and sensors are reporting correctly - ensuring the “check tire” light won’t be a perpetual nuisance. During our inspection, we review all electrical connections and fuses, making sure alert are reporting accurate data. With the batteries being the primary culprit in most electrical issues, our in depth battery review serves to prevent future electrical malfunctions from affecting the vehicle.


While many clients use our vehicle diagnostic services in response to alerts or other visible and audible issues, we highly recommend using diagnostics as preventative maintenance for the vehicle. Not only does being proactive increase the lifespan of a car, but it keeps the people who use it safer - not to mention avoiding preventable damages saves our clients valuable resources. Our goal is to get a car running as smoothly as possible, optimizing its performance for years to come. Clients that use Mobile Mechanics Red Deer not only save time and money avoiding traditional mechanic shops, but are also able to better enjoy their effortlessly running vehicles.

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