Inspections: Used, Prepurchase, and Presale

For those in the market to buy a pre-owned car, it's important to make sure the actual car is everything it's advertised to be by the seller. That is why we provide pre-purchase inspections in Red Deer to help our clients make sure they’re getting the best deal available. During our pre-sale inspections, our team of experts evaluates the general condition of the car, both on the surface, as well as performing an in-depth check of the mechanics. Both buyers and sellers know that with Mobile Mechanics Red Deer, our trustworthy team will provide honest inspections for both parties.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Having a pre-sale inspection on a new car is a vital part of the car purchasing process that we believe should not be overlooked. Sellers are looking to make their vehicle as appealing as possible, which is why having an expert evaluation of the vehicle allows the buyer to have a better picture of the condition of the car. During an inspection, our team of expert auto-mechanics in Red Deer verify the sales claims, giving our clients our seal of approval on the general safety and health of the car. We look into both its physical appearance and the condition of its inner workings.

Surface Inspection

Though a surface inspection can be a superficial measure of the status of a car, an evaluation by our well trained eyes can tell us a lot about the car. Based on a visual inspection, we can detect bad body or paint work that can be indicative of an unlisted major accident. Our team of experts check and report back on the condition of both the interior and exterior of the car, reflecting on how well it’s been maintained. One common problem we see is sellers trying to hide previous flood damage, which often goes unnoticed without knowing exactly what signs to look for.

In-Depth Inspection

In addition to conducting a superficial inspection, an in-depth inspection is vital when it comes to determining the true condition of a used car for sale. Our in-depth inspections report on both the mechanical and electrical status of the car. Though body damage can be hammered out to increase buy-ability, frame damage, or damage to the undercarriage will be left untouched - and is often a sign of a major accident. We also include inspections of the moving parts such as belts, ball joints as well as using state of the art scanning tools to evaluate engine problems and read engine codes.

Trusted Source

When it comes to providing pre-purchase inspections in Red Deer, as a local business we value the opinions of our clients, which is why we provide them with quality service that’s delivered with integrity. Our company comes highly recommended between clients and from industry peers because of the quality and sincerity of our work. We want buyers to be happy with their purchase, having the confidence of knowing that they’re getting exactly what they’ve paid for. After conducting a thorough inspection, our inspectors give their honest opinion about the state of a vehicle that helps clients make a more informed decision.

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