Regular Maintenance: Tune ups, Oil and Fluid Changes

When it comes to keeping a car running smoothly, we cannot applaud the value of regular maintenance enough. No one enjoys running late for work only to put the key in the ignition and find out that your car won’t start. These urgent situations are easily preventable by making sure a vehicle is subject to regular maintenance. Our mobile mechanics provide tune ups, oil changes and fluid changes that are vital to a vehicle’s health. And as a mobile mechanic in Red Deer, the best part is you don’t even need to bring your car down to our shop!

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

To ensure the best health for any product, regular maintenance is a key component in increasing its longevity. When it comes to a car, not only does maintenance help extend the vehicle’s life span, but it also keeps the driver and passengers safe. Our goal is to keep cars running for as long as possible, which is why during our maintenance services, our experts pay special attention to the parts of your vehicle that experience the most wear and tear including spark plugs and fuel pumps. By maintaining the flow between all elements of a vehicle, the car will run like the well oiled machine that it is.

Tune Ups

Making sure a car is undergoing regularly scheduled tune ups every two to five years, or fifty to one-hundred thousand miles depending on the age of the car, is a sure fire way to ensure its longevity. Whether clients come to us for scheduled maintenance, or for symptoms that indicate a potential need for a tune up, we perform the necessary diagnostic tests to find the right course of action. During our tune up services, our expert technicians check all the vial parts of a vehicle from spark plugs and fuel injectors, to the PCV valve and air filters.

Oil Changes

Taking a car in for regular oil changes, is one the most well known and basic tasks car owners need to undergo for regular maintenance. The frequency of oil changes can vary between vehicles depending on age as well as where it stands within its warranty. Oil is the car’s primary lubricant for its machinery, which is why keeping up with oil changes is such an important part of making sure a vehicle is well maintained. Through regular use the oil can collect dust, rust, and bits of metal, as well as become depleted, which causes unnecessary friction between parts, and ultimately damage to the vehicle.

Fluid Changes

Just as humans need fluids to function, our cars need their balanced diet of fluids to ensure all systems are working properly. As part of a regular maintenance routine, vehicle owners need to make sure their cars are maintaining a high level of performance. During fluid changes our expert mechanics make sure a vehicle has enough coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and antifreeze among other things. We check to ensure the purity of the fluids, topping off or draining and replacing where necessary. Making sure a car’s system is properly hydrated keeps it running smoothly on a regular basis.

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