Tire Replacement and Rotation

When it comes to vehicles, tires are the workhorse of our cars, helping us get from point A to B. Because they have the most contact with the road, they experience some of the most urgent issues that require immediate attention. If you suspect your tires are in the need of servicing, its best to have professionals like our team of mechanics at Mobile Mechanics Red Deer handle the issue to avoid future problems. Whether tires need roadside assistance, rotation as a part of maintenance, or need to be replaced, our team of mechanics are the tire experts you need for the job.


As the barrier between the road and our car, our tires experience the most wear and tear. Because of this, they are subject to punctures that cause flats, blow outs as well as other issues that affect the undercarriage of the car. Some of the most common tire problems include flat spots, uneven wear and tear, squeaking and bald tires that lack grip. Accordingly, we advise our clients to change tires at least every ten years, and obtain yearly inspections after they’re more than five years old. In making sure tires are well maintained, vehicle owners experience a safer, smoother ride.


Though all four tires are subject to the same terrain, tires experience different levels of wear and tear. In order to even out this weathering, it’s recommended that tires be rotated approximately every six months or every ten to twelve thousand kilometres. While tires are built to last up to ten years, without proper rotation, tires in varying locations on the car will need replacement sooner than others. Our mobile mechanics in Red Deer are able to rotate tires based on our clients’ schedules, saving them the hassle of coming into the mechanic shop for this kind of regular service.


Parting of ensuring safety on the road is making sure that tires are replaced when necessary. Old tires lack the grip of newer ones, turning them hazardous under certain conditions, particularly when roads are slick. It’s recommended that tires are replaced every ten years at the maximum, and having tires expertly assessed can help determine the optimal timing for replacement. Our seasonal weather may require tires to be replaced more frequently, as the climate is one of the many conditions that affect levels of wear and tear. Other factors include road conditions, driving habits and uneven tires that haven’t been properly rotated.

Flat Tires

Getting a flat tire is an inconvenience that nobody wants to deal with. But with our mobile mechanic service in Red Deer, we can take some of that stress away. Using our mobile services, clients in need of assistance don’t have to worry about calling a costly tow truck. We provide the necessary patching or spare tire swap to get clients where they need to be, so we can replace the tire while they continue on with their day. It’s important that when a vehicle experiences a flat tire that it’s properly cared for as driving on the rim can cause major damage to the rest of the car.

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